Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Premature Baby Foundation of Taiwan. (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Data Protection Act" and the relevant provisions of the extension, and promote personal autonomy and careful management, this collection of personal data, processing, Use, etc., are handled in accordance with the "Personal Data Protection Policy."

I. Obligations of the Association

The Association will comply with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and its extensions. If the competent authority of the business or the law provides otherwise, this Council shall stipulate it.

This Council has clearly defined the confidentiality obligations and responsibilities of our staff in the collection, processing and utilization of personal data. The staff of this association have already understood the contents of this policy, and the personal data protection management measures set by the club are implemented in the daily operation process.

II. the collection, processing and utilization of individual funds

The collection of personal data of this association includes (but is not limited to) the donors, clients, other individuals involved in business dealings, private organizations and relevant public institutions.

The personal data management of the Association is collected within the reasonable and reasonable business scope, based on the services provided by the purpose of the Association or the activities, lectures, public welfare activities and other related specific purposes and other legal requirements to retain the required personal data. Personal data processed, processed or utilized. Or, with the consent of the parties, collect, process, utilize and transmit in good faith and in a legal manner.

The personal data collected by the Association shall be properly preserved and deleted in accordance with the law. It is only necessary to entrust a third party to provide services in accordance with the provisions of this Council, the "Personal Data Protection Act" and its relevant provisions to fully protect personal data.

This Council will not sell, exchange or provide personal information to other groups or individuals without the consent, authorization or legal provisions of the parties.

III. the rights of the parties

The Association respects the rights of the parties to exercise their personal data, including inquiries or requests for access, requests for copies, requests for supplements or corrections, requests for cessation of collection, processing or utilization, and requests for deletion.

If you have any claims related to the above rights, please contact this Council: 886-2-25111608.